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The Inner Workings of My Mind

Lovecraft's Seduction
Lets see...I am 30 years old and until 4 years ago lived in Jersey, but now I live in Missouri. And yes, what you have heard about Jersey is true...the girls are bitches, the guys are pricks, pedestrians are road kill and driving above 80mph is a must.

For the longest time, I felt that I was meant to be alone. That perhaps the man for me wasn't made and my soul mate was forgotten. But, history has a way of fixing itself and mending things that were meant to be with age.

I have recently been diagnosed as having Bipolar type II and Borderline Personality Disorder. The like to feed off of my internal pain. The Bipolar wants pain so the Borderline finds some and gives it. A round and round cycle. I find ways to control the one then the other gets out of control. Now, if I could only get them both to behave, I will have a chance of survival.